In her previous life, KariAnn was a Marketing Director and Events Manager.  As such, she would sometimes get to work with VO artists on projects, and always thought to herself, "what a cool job..." 

She had been involved in theatre throughout her school years, as well as dance, and loved those days of performing. As a boring grown-up, she missed being in a creative place of expression. 












Fast forward a few years, two kids and a bit of wisdom acquired along the way. With a friend who is very successful in the VO biz as her mentor and guide, she stepped into that place of creativity and expression and hasn't looked back. 


To say KariAnn loves being a VO artist is an understatement. 

That love, that passion for creativity and happy clients shines through in her communication and in her work. And, with her experience in marketing, she brings a depth of understanding to the full process. 


She's worked with gads of super cool clients on so many diverse, fun and interesting projects.  She not only shines in her delivery and versatilty of VO, she also provides fast turnaround times, exceptional customer care, flexibility and professionalism in the same package.

















When she's not making VO projects shine, you can find her as a director and choreographer for Very Merry Theatre in Burlington, VT. And when she's ready to re-charge her creative batteries, she'll be seen puttering around the garden, taking yoga and dance classes, hiking in the hills with her husband and two kiddos, or at home lounging with her gorgeous black cats.