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As KariAnn's client, you can expect excellent communication, personable service, and a professional voice recording to make your project shine! Your satisfaction is her priority.

She subscribes to - and has been professionally trained in - the "Fred Factor" delivery of customer care.

A few brands she's collaborated with include: 


You will intrinsically trust KariAnn within 5 seconds of speaking to her. She is the perfect collision of personable and professional, and is one of seemingly few voiceover talents that can give noticeable range. If you need simple VO pickups, which you won’t, she doesn’t need babysitting. Why are you still reading this? BOOK HER.


        Morgan Moran - Creative Director - The Karma Group



KariAnn is an absolute joy to work with. It's a rarity to find someone with such a passion and dedication to their craft. I cannot thank her enough for her time, talent and stellar attitude. She was quick to communicate, wonderful at taking direction and has an extremely dynamic voice. It was an absolute pleasure working with her and I hope to do it again in the future. 


        Ashley Guiterrez – Creative Director – Cliff Co.

KariAnn is beyond professional and a pleasure to work with. The quality of her customer services and performance is exceptional. I would hire her again without hesitation.


       Kristen Riess - Senior Producer - VMG/Studio520


KariAnn was a fantastic production partner and voiceover talent for our client's video commercial project. She was professional, quick with turnarounds and a true pleasure to work with at all points of the process. We, as well as our client, were very happy with KariAnn’s interpretation of our script. I highly recommend KariAnn to anyone looking to work with a seasoned and talented actor. 


       Emily Fuller – Production Manager – Group SJR



KariAnn gave us great quality, taking into account our direction and giving us different options to choose from. She was very responsive when we had questions, and could not be nicer to work with. Highly recommend!


          Alex Mechlin – COO – ReelPaws Productions


KariAnn is fantastic. She provided us multiple options with an incredible turnaround. She also nailed the accent we were looking for. She's one of those voices that you consider regardless of the project, because she can provide you with so many options.


      Luke Magnusson – Director – Channel Films


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